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From our corporate headquarters to our 115 locations across North America, we're committed to clean operations while continuously reducing our impact on the environment. Through our efforts, we're bringing greater efficiency and value to our customers and making a positive difference for our planet.

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Sustainability in our facilities

Saving Energy

Heat reclamation equipment in many of our plants captures the heat energy from our washing machines and recycles it back into the process, helping us reduce our carbon footprint by 9,298 metric tons in 2016. That’s the equivalent of removing nearly 2,000 cars from service.

Conserving Water

Whenever possible, we reuse the water used to clean lightly soiled textile products. In 2016, these water reuse processes helped us save approximately 66 million gallons of water, which is equal to nearly 100 Olympic‐sized swimming pools.

Solar Power

We use solar photovoltaic energy systems to reduce our carbon footprint and add power back to the grid when our plants aren't operating. Solar power has reduced our carbon footprint by 232 metric tons per year, which is equal to saving 189 acres of U.S. forest.

Sustainability on the road

Smarter Vehicles

In 2012, we programmed all of our delivery vehicles to automatically shut off when they idle for more than a few minutes. And in the years since, we've eliminated 8,362 tons of CO2 emissions. That’s equal to the annual energy use of 767 homes.

Smarter Routes

We have a delivery optimization team that more efficiently structures our delivery routes, helping to decrease miles while increasing the number of stops a representative can complete in a day. Annually, this team helps eliminate more than 359,000 excess miles, which is the equivalent of (not) crossing the entire United States nearly 130 times.

Smarter Fuel Sources

Innovative alternative‐fuel technologies and improved infrastructure have helped us integrate 36 compressed natural gas trucks, 14 propane, 10 electric and 29 hybrid electric trucks into our fleet and we will rollout 20 additional electric vehicles in 2017.


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